iPad Sleeve


Traditional hand skills and saddlery tools are used to make these tough, durable iPad sleeves in natural vegetable tan leather. Each one is hand stitched with strong beeswaxed linen thread, hand burnished and hot stamped with the Minimalux mark. The appliance sits flush within the sleeve and is fully covered and protected. The leather is untreated other than a light coating of mink oil to shield it from moisture, allowing it to age naturally and develop a rich dark golden colour. Sleeves are also available for iPad mini, iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s.

Availability: Dispatched within 5 working days.

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 262 x 209 x 3 mm



Hand Burnished, Hand Stitched, Hot Stamped


Mink Oiled, Natural


2013, Minimalux in collaboration with MES, London

The surface and flexibility of this natural leather will evolve with use and age. It will quickly darken with sunlight, absorbing the daily marks of its owner, continuously changing its appearance and suppleness, until it reaches a rich dark golden colour. At this point it will continue to evolve but very slightly and at a much slower pace.

Although a very light treatment of mink oil has already been applied, to preserve or soften the leather further, another application of mink oil can be applied. Should you wish to clean the leather use a saddle soap with a warm slightly dampen cloth. Both mink oil and saddle soap may darken the leather and it may slow down the natural tanning process. Minimalux recommends Fiebing Saddle Soap and Fiebing Mink Oil for this.