Timeless Inspiration - Minimalux

Timeless Inspiration

We were often being asked when we'd design our first watch. It would, undoubtedly be an obvious and fitting asset to our collection. We gave it a lot of thought and realised that there are already a great many beautiful and simply designed watches out there. We were unsure what Minimalux could add to this seemingly already over populated genre. Given also that there are now many people who use their phones to tell the time we came up with something different yet familiar.

Timeless Stainless Steel Wrist Mirror with Natural Tan Leather Strap

At first glance Timeless displays all the formal and material credentials of a classic wristwatch, including a well made leather strap and precision turned case.

Timeless Wrist Mirror in Brass worn on wrist

On closer inspection there are no hands and the face is blank other than a disk of crystal clear mirror glass. Use it to check your look, your make-up or angle your wrist to scan the room. As its name suggests, there are no hours and minutes but it does allow time nonetheless... time to watch and reflect.