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U Deconstructed

No self respecting dining table would be complete without a U Candleholder. You’ll find yourself using it every day and it will age beautifully, developing a rich natural patina to remind you of all the happy mealtimes you’ve had sat around it. You may however wish to clean it at some point. 

U Candleholder taken apart for cleaning - Minimalux

Ways of cleaning depend on the material or finish. Our solid untreated metals, such as brass and copper for instance, are maintained in a different way to our plated finishes. You’ll find more detail of this on our Customer Service page under Care and Maintenance. 

U Candleholder taken apart and cleaned - Minimalux

Whichever method is required, we’ve tried to make it easy for you by designing it in a simple, logical way so you can take it apart, clean then reassemble. 

U Candleholder in Brass - Minimalux

You’ll be surprised how much it can be rejuvenated to look like new, just like the day it first took residence in your home.