Mark Holmes

Mark is an artistically trained designer with a master’s degree from London’s Slade School of Art. With influences including minimalist works by the likes of Donald Judd and Carl Andre, his own sculptural work eventually found a logical by-product in the form of functional objects. After forming his first studio in 1995 he went on to co-found British furniture brand, Established & Sons in 2004. There, in his role as Design Director, he developed collections with works by internationally renowned designers and architects including Jasper Morrison and the late Zaha Hadid alongside the debut works of many emerging, new designers. Aside from this activity he conceived and executed groundbreaking installations for the brand in key worldwide locations, most notably in Milan. His own work at this time includes designs for German brand e15 with the award winning Seam Light series. In 2009, he co-founded Minimalux, for which he remains in charge of creative direction and provides regular contributions to its unique collection.

Other Luxury Limited was formed in 2020 to unite existing projects with future art and design related ventures whilst also becoming a service providing, multidisciplinary creative studio in 2021.