Mirror Secrets

Our Pocket Mirror has been a popular item since we launched it in 2012. We’re always keen to make improvements though, even if these may not be made immediately apparent. It’s often more satisfying if a nice little detail is discovered over time but we decided to share this one with you now. As you know, the lifespan of our products is very important to us so we subtly redesigned it, making it easier for you to replace the glass should it get broken.

Pocket Mirror assembly

Turning the back of the mirror with the tips of your fingers allows the simple 3-part assembly to come apart so the glass can be replaced, putting it back into daily service and ensuring your continued enjoyment of it. 

Pocket Mirror 3 part assembly

Another sweet tip is to insert a treasured message or clipping before you close it up. You’ll have a protective hiding place for something personal and special, in a secret place known only to you... keep it to yourself though!

Pocket Mirror assembly