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Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror

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Our Pocket Mirror is made from precision turned solid Brass and crystal clear mirror glass. It can be paired, if you wish, with a natural vegetable tan leather sleeve.


Ø58 x H4mm
Weight: 62g
Material: Brass, Mirror Glass
Finish: Machined (satin)
Design: 2012


The brass case is non-lacquered and due to the properties of brass the surface will naturally age and tarnish over time. The process is intentional and an inherent part of the design, allowing each Pocket Mirror to acquire an attractive natural patina unique to the user. Should you wish to maintain the metal in its original state, occasional cleaning with an appropriate reputable metal polish will retain the surface finish. To make cleaning easier the back of the mirror can be unscrewed so that each part can be cleaned separately.

The surface and flexibility of our natural vegetable tan leather will evolve with use and age. It will quickly darken with sunlight, absorbing the daily marks of the user, continuously changing its appearance and suppleness, until it reaches a rich dark golden colour. Although a very light treatment of mink oil has already been applied you can preserve or soften the leather further with another application. Should you wish to clean the leather use a saddle soap with a warm slightly dampen cloth. Please note that both mink oil and saddle soap may darken the leather and it may also slow down the natural tanning process.



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Pocket Mirror + Sleeve - Minimalux
Pocket Mirror - Minimalux