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2L Conical Vase

2L Conical Vase

Edition of #6

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These vase editions mimic the form of a large 2 litre conical laboratory flask. They are made from hand blown borosilicate glass with a thick layer of hallmarked sterling silver electroformed onto the surface. Originally produced by Minimalux in 2012 in a small edition of 6, they were then locked away to allow a process of natural oxidised ageing that results in a gradual and beautiful blackening of the silver. Ten years later, like a vintage wine, they have finally been released together with their incredible rich and varied surface patinas. The hallmark on the necks of the vases provides proof of provenance, age and grade of silver, whilst the edition number itself is laser engraved onto the base. Each edition is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and a unique wooden crate. 


L160 x W160 x H280mm
Weight: 0.72kg
Material: Borosilicate Glass, Sterling Silver
Metal Finish: Blackened silver, aged over 10 years
Edition: #6
Published by Minimalux, 2022


This sterling silver vase has been left to age naturally over 10 years and will continue to do so if left untouched. Despite this process the silver itself remains perfectly intact and, if you wish, can be brought back to its original bright, polished shine. It can then be maintained in that state or left to age again over time. The cycle of age and rejuvenation can be endless throughout its existence. To polish the silver use a quality approved brand and a soft cloth to gently remove the oxidised layer. 



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