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These Cufflinks are precision turned from single bars of solid Brass and available in natural machined or polished finishes in addition to plated options in black nickel, palladium and rose gold. The Minimalux monogram is on the rear face.


L15 x W15 x H18mm
Weight: 8g (each)
Material: Brass
Finish: Machined (satin), Polished or Plated
Design: Alice Made This, 2013


Machined and Polished Brass:
These items are non-lacquered and due to the properties of brass the surface will naturally age and tarnish over time. The process is intentional and an inherent part of the design, allowing each cufflink to acquire an attractive natural patina unique to the owner. Should you wish to maintain the metal in its original state, regular cleaning with an appropriate reputable metal polish will retain the surface finish.

Plated Finishes:
Please note that these surfaces may eventually wear away over time to reveal the base metal. They require delicate cleaning with a microfibre cloth (included) to avoid premature erosion. A jewellers cloth may be used for the palladium and rose gold versions. The expected lifespan of the finish is hard to estimate as it depends on how much it is used. In any event Minimalux is in most instances able to offer a re-plating service for your product should you request it.



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Brass Cufflink - Minimalux
Cufflinks - Minimalux