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The Clip

The Clip

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Our universal Clip – for ties, money and paper. Made from 100% recycled solid sterling silver, it is available in natural hand polished or gold plated finishes. The Minimalux hallmark is laser engraved on the back.


L50 x W5.5 x H5.5mm
Weight: 6g
Material: 100% Recycled Sterling Silver 925 (hallmarked)
Finish: Natural Polished or 24K Gold Plated
Design: 2015


Sterling Silver:
With proper care, the silver will retain its beauty and character for many generations. Silver tarnishes but if regularly used it typically needs less care, so we strongly recommend you use your Minimalux Clip as often as you can. To polish silver use a quality approved brand. Once cleaned and polished silver must be kept dry and, if stored, it should be contained in airtight bags or containers to prevent tarnish.

Gold Plated:
Please note that the surface may eventually wear away over time to reveal the silver base metal. It requires delicate cleaning with a microfibre or jewellers cloth only when needed. The expected lifespan of the finish is hard to estimate as it depends on how much it is used. In any event Minimalux is in most instances able to offer a re-plating service for your product should you request it.



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