Drum Lighting Collection

Minimalux is pleased to announce the launch of a new lighting collection. Spanning three series and various models, Drum provides an array of functional and ambient illumination for every interior space and location. Pared down to bare aesthetics the collection graphically presents quiet, striking silhouettes together with balanced interplays of direct and indirect light within a back to basics approach to lighting design.

Common throughout the collection is the uniform use of partly recycled extruded aluminium, fine textured finishing in matt black or white, solid brass Minimalux detailing and, not least, the familiar Drum shade. 

Developed and produced in collaboration with Other Luxury design and research studio, Drum’s reduced tubular form takes inspiration from the minimal landscape that completely surrounds the place in which the collection was conceived. A low-lying agricultural panorama with vast skies and an infinitely linear horizon, only ever punctuated by the occasional cylindrical shape of steel grain silos.

Hand assembled on a made to order basis, all manufacture takes place within a 150km radius in the UK using a lean and efficient supply chain, eliminating excess stock, waste and freight. Longevity is guaranteed by the use of solid materials, simple modular design and future proof, universal sockets compliant with fast evolving light bulb technology.

The lamps of varying scale and functionality provide opposite arrays of atmosphere from the subtle ambience of black to the brighter resonance of room illuminating white. Used together or alone Drum brings a modernist and quintessentially Minimalux presence to interiors.